Nurturing Christian Character through the Black Experience
This project sprang from an idea I had while writing the "Our History, HIS-Story" series.  As with that series, I remain committed to producing materials that give children a glimpse into the richness of their African-American heritage.  However, it occurs to me that, in developing Christian leaders, we should not only strive to educate for the sake of acquiring knowledge; the information our students receive should be as a precious gift, transforming the way they think about
themselves and the world around them.   More specifically as future ministers of the gospel (as all Christians are called to be), they should be equipped to plant seeds in others that will produce tremendous results for the glory of God.

This particular resource is designed to accomplish several objectives:
  • to allow the student a look into the history and experiences of people of African descent across the globe
  • to reiterate fundamental Christian values and beliefs
  • to allow the learner an opportunity to explore Biblical truths and reflect upon his/her ministry to others

The stories presented in this self-paced curriculum are historical fiction and non-fiction, many by celebrated African-American authors.  They are powerful stories that deal with race, class, and a host of social issues that were and are still prevalent globally.  The stories reveal the triumph in the face of great adversity that defines the existence for people of African descent, and for many, if not all, believers in Jesus Christ.  Yet, unlike other resources of this nature, not all the characters are Christian characters; some are spiritual "babies," and some are unbelievers.  The circumstances in which these students find themselves do not always present a clear case for an airtight solution.  By design, there are not always absolute rights and wrongs, but instead much food for thought and discernment.  It is my desire that children use this resource to relect upon their own personal walk with the Lord and to shine God's light on real-world situations.

This product would be most beneficial for a middle school student (grades 6-8), or for a high schooler who is looking for a different reading level.