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Belinda, I am loving the books you chose for this intermediate history. It's so enjoyable to read. I am reading all the read-alouds along with the spine text, and your notes in the curriculum. Love it so much. Really, I do. We have studied about culture and history all over the world...coming home to America with your materials is a blessing. I find myself looking for chances to get back to reading them.

K. Brown, Pharmacist and Home Educator

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have found your study...I have a 5-year-old son (soon to be 6) and identical twin 3-year-old girls. We are finishing our first year homeschooling (something I never thought I'd do), and I immediately felt the desire to give my kids a more inclusive education than I received. I have felt it heavy on my heart that they should hear of and learn from great men and women of all colors, but I was reminded, even in our first year, how Eurocentric our history lessons are. As I began researching curriculum
for next year, I found book lists for African-American History month, but not much in the way of weaving stories of all races in our history lessons.

I came across your curriculum through some Facebook discussions, and I was absolutely thrilled. I'm reaching out to a few friends to see if we can put together a co-op for fall to do presentations and activities based on your lessons. It's honestly such an answer to prayer, and I can't thank you enough for what you have created.

Can't wait to dig in!

Marie Osborne, Home Educator

... Maybe you’ve wondered how to teach your children history that is Christ-centered and gives more than a cursory nod to the role played by people of color in the shaping of this great country’s past.  Or maybe you are not a person of color, but want to give your child a balanced, inclusive Christian view of US History. No matter what your perspective is, this is the guide for you. This curriculum is a wonderful way for you and your child to explore American History together... Belinda has done an incredible job of developing an easy to use guide that will not only encourage your faith in God’s plan for people of every color, but will lead your child to recognize God’s hand in the weaving of this multi-colored tapestry that is the United States of America. 

Yoshika Lowe, Author and 
former President, Minority Homeschoolers of Houston 

“As a boy I grew up reading the stories of great Americans -- Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, John F. Kennedy’s PT 109. While all these men had flaws, their achievements inspired me in several ways – to love our country and the freedoms it provides; to strive for excellence; to be willing to sacrifice for other’s betterment; to be a man of character, not self-indulgence.   As I have grown older, I have steadfastly refused to get rid of those books when my wife suggests I need to “de-clutter”. I believe the reason is that they helped define my ideals as a young boy. I grew up idealizing men 
that sacrificed to build something bigger and better for themselves and their families.  Young people today also need heroes or role models to emulate. As a home schooling Dad I have seen the power of my children reading biographies - this time of great Christians - to help them visualize the possibilities God has for them.  Sadly, as a boy I read virtually none of the stories of African-Americans mentioned in this reading guide. Later in life I heard and came to appreciate the stories of men like Jackie Robinson and the Tuskegee Airmen who exemplified the courage, vision, and faith of those Americans whose stories I read long ago. On one level, I don’t see this as an issue of ethnicity, black versus white, but as merely studying the lives of great Americans.  On another level, as a Christian, I see the need to strive for reconciliation between groups.   I did not commit the injustice of past generations. However, my choice is to confess and renounce the sins of my forefathers as Nehemiah in the Bible did, or live under the spiritual fall-out wrought by that history. Reading these stories will enable all to better understand the experiences of African-Americans, so we can build bridges of understanding between groups.”

-Tom Sauer, home schooling father

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