A Heart for the Nations:
“A Heart for the Nations: Haiti” is the second installment of the “Heart for the Nations” series. (To see more about this series, and our first unit study, Guatemala, click here).
If what you know about Haiti is limited to television, you know it as a poor, politically unorganized, geographically ravaged country. Yet, there is so much more—the pride, the enthusiasm, the passion for all that is good about the country as indicated by the people who call it home. That is the Haiti that I sought to present in this study.
I am excited about this second installment of the "Heart for the Nations" series. This concept of inclusive history has been foundational to A Blessed Heritage, so I consider this project a necessary extension of my past work. Expanding our knowledge of the black diaspora—those of African descent who populated the Caribbean and Polynesia—is critical. Through this knowledge, we come to understand and appreciate our collective stories as one race—the human race.

This self-paced unit study, targeted for elementary and middle school audiences, emphasizes fun while learning, including [but not limited to] the following activities:

1) science experiments
2) Haitian food recipes
3) crossword puzzles, and as always with A Blessed Heritage,
4) great literature!

This curriculum is designed to cover all foundational academic areas…as they relate to Haiti. Here is an introduction to Haiti in a way that promotes fun and sparks curiosity. Enjoy.

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